There is such joy to be found in sharing knowledge—whether it’s a recipe or the secret that opens the door to miracles flooding into your life. Actually, Jerry and Jo Leonard don’t have much in the way of recipes to share, they are restaurant dwellers for the most part. But separately and together, they have spent forevermore in the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and are most gracious when it comes to sharing their discoveries with any and all interested parties.


As members of ECKANKAR, Religion of the Light and Sound of God, Jo and Jerry have given talks and workshops in numerous countries around the world. With the completion of The Would Be Saint, a collection of stories that illustrate the possibilities that can come to fruition with conscious living, the Leonards have been asked by groups outside the scope of their normal speaking engagements to offer workshops that expand upon the insightful stories found in the book.


Based on The Would Be Saint, their audience-interactive presentations are non-denominational, fun, practical, and consciousness-provoking.


Topics may include...

  • the reasons why your life is the way it is

  • how to wake up and know who you truly are

  • how to clear the way to living on holier ground

  • what makes a saint, a saint

  • how to court and recognize the miraculous

  • the secret to unleashing the love within

  • how to experience God in the mundane

  • and much more


The stories are universal. The lessons contained in them are applicable to the lives of all people of Spirit no matter their religious affiliation, social or economic background.

If your group would like to explore the possibilities of having Jo and Jerry as speakers, you may contact them at



I never knew spirituality could be so practical. They bring heaven down to earth so we can touch it and learn to live in it now. -TL, New York


Jo and Jerry Leonard, along with speakers in nearly every country in the world, are also available for groups who would like to learn more about the teachings of ECKANKAR.

Jerry and Jo Leonard

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